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DJ Leecy T Blog is Back!

Peace Friends!

Hope you are all well and happy! I was on a bit of a hiatus but the DJ Leecy T blog is back! For those of you who have been with me from the beginning, I thank you for your patience and understanding! For my new readers-Welcome! In short, I blog about whatever moves me and what I think people should know about to make their lives better in some way. Feel free to write me with feedback, suggestions, etc. at

Now, without further ado...The Post!!!!!!

M-TRI & DJ Leecy T "Monday Morning Music" European Tour 2015

I couldn't think of a better way to start blogging again than while on tour. We have some down time in between shows so I wanted to document what has been going on. We have been to France, Slovakia and we are currently in Czech Republic promoting our debut album, "Monday Morning Music." I'm going to take you back to the beginning:

We left NYC on September 28th and arrived in Prague, Czech Republic on September 29th (Czech Republic is 6 hours ahead of the US).

Flying high on our way! Below I snapped a photo of M-TRI grabbing our luggage once we landed!

​We were in Czech Republic for a day trying to settle in to the change in time. We tried our best to fight jetlag by staying awake all day. We walked around Prague and on our way we went down by the Charles Bridge where we saw street performers doing a trick that we have never seen before:

​ Took us a minute but we figured it out! I wondered how they could sit there so effortlessly! If you stare at the picture long enough you'll figure it out too! I told M-TRI that I wanted to stay until it was time for them to pack up and go home! Then the truth would be revealed!

Of course we had to celebrate our return to Prague with some Kozel dark beer:

The next day we flew to Lyon, France. I got to use my survival French to ask for directions at the airport! We stayed in Lyon for a day with one of our most gracious hosts in France-DJ P! ( The next day we took a train to Lake Annecy, France for our first gig at L'Amnesie on October 1st. Lake Annecy is absolutely breathtaking! The lake, the mountains in the background and the feel of the town:

This swan swam right up to me when I was trying to take a picture! I think it posed for the camera too!

The crowd was awesome at our gig at L'Amnesie! They rocked out with us all night! We played a concert then after we both deejayed for the rest of the night. Here is a photo of me making sure the blend is tight:

After our gig at L'Amnesie we had some time to check out the local market and do some digging at "Vinyl & Coffee". Two things that M-TRI and I really love!

Our friend Raistlin-a dope producer, DJ and emcee from France ( was so gracious to take us around Annecy, take us digging and get us back to Lyon for our gigs there. I even had time to get some macarons!! It was awesome to eat a macaron (or 20) in France!

Of course I had to drink champagne and eat croissants in France too!

On October 2nd we played La Maison Mère in Lyon, France:

We started off the night spinning, then went into our concert and after we finished the night spinning until 4am. The crowd was live from the beginning of the night! We got to connect with some fans in person, hang out (even though it was so packed you could hardly move) and enjoy the vibe. We played underground hip hop, soul, funk, 80s 90s and 2000s hip hop and r&b. We rocked and the people partied the whole night until the lights came on! Really dope!

For our last gig in France we played at Obamo Café. It was more of a lounge atmosphere. The food was amazing and we had a good time spinning!

We had some time to visit Vieux Lyon:

We also had the chance to stop by RTU Lyon radio station for an interview and feature. It was awesome!

"Ajoutez Moi" segment from "La Grosse Audition" show on RTU Lyon 89.8 FM:

And finally here is a photo of us with one of our wonderful hosts and friends, DJ P:

Man check out all of those records! And that was just one section! Even organized! Inspired M-TRI and I to organize our collection (For real, though)! Shout out to Cass who made us feel so welcome and I also have to send an extra special shout out to Rachel who also made us feel at home though so far away!

After the weekend we flew back to Prague and chilled there for a few days:

Writing, catching up with family and friends and enjoying the city a little. The next stop is Bratislava, Slovakia for our album release party. We will also be deejaying and shooting a video while we are there too. We may be in the studio for a couple of hours if possible. Stay tuned for the next post...Slovakia!

"Monday Morning Music" is available digitally on Bandcamp! CD available on (Europe)

Write me at about getting a cd if you are in the U.S.

Peace & Love,


Got these for the trip back to Prague:


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