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Smoothie Time With DJ Leecy T!

Happy Monday! I hope that you all had a fun weekend and also had the time to get some rest for this week! I had a productive weekend. Looking forward to this week and all it has to offer!

Today I offer you one of my staple smoothie recipes! I recently got a Vitamix blender and at first I was sticking to the recipes in the books that it came with. I think the sky is the limit with smoothie recipes and cooking in general, so after about a week I started to "freestyle" some recipes. I thought about all of the ingredients and why I would put them in. Next to the ingredient is my reason for including it. I'm sure there are additional benefits, these are just my personal reasons. Here's the recipe:

1.Handful of raw oats (good for lowering cholesterol and getting things moving in your body)

2.Almond milk-about a cup (no regular milk for me and it's good for Vitamin E to keep your skin glowing)

3. Teaspoon each of chia and flaxseeds (high in omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fiber)

4. Tablespoon of maple syrup grade B but you can adjust this based on personal preference (contains over 54 antioxidants but don't use too much because it is high in sugar)

5. A banana (high in potassium)

6. Scoop of your preferred protein powder-right now I'm using Garden of Life Raw Protein Vanilla flavor (great source of raw vegan protein)

7. Ice

Suggested options:

Almond butter

Dark chocolate chips


Today I'll be adding blueberries to the base recipe.

Almond milk in first, seeds, powder, syrup, banana, blueberries then ice. Blend well.

I'm trying out a new protein powder that's raw and plant based:


Be right back!

smoothie time1_edited.JPG

Here it is! I was wondering how the protein powder was going to taste because it's raw. I was pleasantly surprised-it was great! I really like the Vitamix because it can pulverize those small seeds. I can't speak about other comparable brands because I haven't tried them but the Vitamix is amazing! The smoothness makes the drink for me. Whatever blender you have, throw some stuff in there and see what happens!

I usually have smoothie time after the gym. It's pretty filling so my belly is full for a few hours before lunch.

I hope this post inspires you to experiment with smoothies. Check me out on Thursday when I'll be posting more on my vegan transition!

Peace & Love,


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