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Just Me and My Skin!

Hope these first days of 2015 are treating y'all well. So far, so good here. Prepping for a gig tomorrow night as I type this and waiting for my face to dry. The weather in NYC has been a little weird. Around Christmas it was rainy and a little warm. For NYE it was North Face with the hood up and zipped over the mouth weather! It was BRICK!!! Brutal on my skin! I struggle with bad acne as it is and this weather doesn't help! Actually it didn't matter what kind of weather, my acne was out of control! I covered it up pretty well but here' s pic with no makeup where you can see some damage:


Nevermind the beer bucket! Check out the side of my face! YIKES! For a long time I suffered with some pretty bad skin but I used a lot of makeup. I couldn't hide the raised bumps but I could definitely hide the scarring. Fast forward from around July 2013 when this picture was taken to May 2014. Pretty clear skin with just a few light scars left! Don't laugh at my mugshot inspired selfie:

May 2014 face

No makeup, no filter. Here's a photo after a few months of treatment with light concealer and powder:

October 2013.jpg

I have to send a HUGE thank you to my friend Miss Monét because if it wasn't for her I wouldn't know about I've been using it for over a year and a half and it has SAVED my face!


I had those pimples that you could not pop. They'd just show up, hurt like hell, scar and make me miserable. I called them "soul zits" because when I would touch them they felt like they were hurting all the way to my soul (a little melodramatic, I know). I also had the regular pimples and a crop of scars on my forehead, sides of the cheeks and jawline. The scars would be so dark in comparison to my skin as you can see in the photo. I would not go to the gym without concealer on my scars. Now I'll go out without makeup on and not feel self conscious about my skin at all. I tried a lot of products and systems before my friend put me on to this one. I had pretty much given up. I highly recommend this regimen if you are suffering with acne. Be sure to follow the directions, listen to your skin and be consistent! I think being consistent is the most important thing. And also drinking a lot of water! For me the regimen dried out my face and was a little harsh so I will admit that at first I was following it to the letter day and night but after about 6 months I started to use the peroxide step of the treatment only at night and I continue to do that. I waited until my skin cleared before I went down to once a day. When my skin is super dry in the winter I use an exfoliant to get rid of the dead skin. I know it's a huge no no but for me it works and I don't break out from it. I use this exfoliant by Natura Bisse and it is incredible!!


I use this oil by Kiehl's in addition to jojoba oil at night with the moisturizer step:

kiehl's oil.jpg

It's been a lot of trial and error and learning as I go but I feel like I finally have my acne under control!

I've been lucky to not have any trouble with acne on my body (knocks on wood). I stay moisturized from head to toe! I use Kiehl's Creme de Corps body lotion during the winter and it works really well.


I use Jergen's Shea Butter lotion too.

jergen's sheabutter.png

They both work great. The Kiehl's lotion is a little expensive but it lasts a long time. The Jergen's is inexpensive and works really well. A couple of options to combat winter dryness! If you're itching from dry skin, the sensitive skin version of Sarna lotion is a must-have! The regular version of Sarna has a stargazer lily smell to it. I did not like the way it smelled!


I hope this helps for my fellow acne sufferers and for those of you with dry skin! Let me know if it does!

I'll be posting on Thursday an update about how my transition back to being vegan is going so stay tuned!

Peace & Love,


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